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Robert Douglass

Work experience

2012 - Commerce Guys: Director of Products Responsible for the marketing and strategy for products like Commerce Kickstart.
2008 - 2012 Acquia: Consultant, Presales  As one of the first people hired onto the Acquia team, I've had the pleasure of watching this great company grow and mature. My roles have varied over the years, with emphasis on consultancy and presales engineering. 
2010 - Present Open Goldberg Project: Founder, Director The Open Goldberg Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of freely licensed artistic projects. Our first successful project was the Open Goldberg Variations
2010 - 2012 Commerce Guys: Advisory Board Advisory Board member with focus on Drupal and technical issues.
2010 - 2011 ICanLocalize: Advisor Focus on Drupal and product strategy.
2006 - 2012 Drupal Association: General Assembly My greatest achievement in this time was leading the effort to finalize the Purpose and Mission Statement, and in the process coming up with the slogan "Come for the code, stay for the community" (together with Angie Byron). 
2008 - 2010 Drupal Initiative e.V.: Co-founder, Stellvertretender Vorstand (Vice President) Helped found and run the Drupal Initiative e.V. in its first two years of existence. The DI is an "Initiative zur Förderung der Drupal-Community e.V. als gemeinützig anerkannt". Includes helping organize and run DrupalCamp Cologne in 2008.
2006 - 2008 Lullabot: Consultant I was one of the 'bots.
2001 - 2006 Independent contractor Drupal and Java projects.
2001 Hype Innovation: Java programmer My beginning as a web developer.




Building E-commerce Sites with Drupal Commerce Cookbook (Packt, June 2013) I wrote the Foreward.


Getting Started with Drupal Commerce (Packt, September 2013) I wrote the Foreward.


The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7: Co-author I wrote the awesome chapter on the menu system.
2011 Pro Drupal 7 Development Technical editor
2008 Pro Drupal Development, 2nd edition (Drupal 6) Technical editor
2007 Pro Drupal Development Technical editor
2005 Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress I wrote the first 230 pages covering Drupal.


Drupal Contributions

2004 - Present Currently 997 commits to contrib modules on, including the following:
  Apache Solr Original author and evangelist for the module. Development began in 2007.
  Memcache Original author and evangelist. Development began in 2006.
2007 Co-founded, an effort to accelerate the adoption of PHP5 amongst open source projects and web hosting companies.
2005 - 2008 Google Summer of Code Initiated and ran Drupal's involvement in GSoC for the first two years. Was a mentor for 4 years.
October, 2003 I joined after building the first version of User ID is 5449.