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Relaunching on Drupal Gardens

on Sat, 04/07/2012 - 16:45

Today I'm relaunching this site, on Drupal Gardens. is one of the reasons I became deeply involved with Drupal. It has given me a means for experimenting with Drupal, always leading to that next itch to scratch, and thus the next contributions and innovations. My current itch, however, is to not pay for hosting, and to have a site that takes no time and effort to keep up to date. I haven't actually posted to in a while, and it is burdensome maintaining the software for the site. So rather than upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7, I'm just moving it to Gardens.

Since Gardens doesn't yet have a content import feature, I picked a handful of blogs and articles that are still relevant, and copy and pasted them here. That'll mean a reduction in the overall size of the site, and some content that will now be archived and not online, but none of it is content that anyone will miss.

Hopefully this decision will lead to more blogging, and eventually to restoring this site as the center of my online identity. Right now Facebook and Twitter (leaning ever more towards Facebook) play these roles, and though I'm basically at peace with that, I think there is more of a role for a personal site to play as well.

The other advantage is that by doing nothing more than adding a banner image, this site already looks better than the last iteration of I ain't no themer.