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GRIN.COM publishes crowdsourced musical score of Bach´s Goldberg Variations / New Partnership with Open Goldberg Project for sheet music publishing

on Tue, 12/04/2012 - 10:10


MUNICH, December 4, 2012. GRIN.COM, german Online-Publisher of over 200.000 E-Books and textbooks, partners with the Open Goldberg Variations project and releases new crowdfunded, crowdsourced, public domain engraving of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations. GRIN.COM will distribute the newly published musical score to the hundreds of music lovers around the world who in 2011 funded the engraving via the website The new edition of the Bach’s Goldberg Variations was made by Werner Schweer using the open source MuseScore notation software. Volunteers from the internet were also called upon to assist in the engraving effort by identifying mistakes and suggesting improvements.

The score is available as E-Book for free on Publisher´s website www.grin.comvia The Print-on Demand Version costs 13.99 Euro and is to order via GRIN and Amazon. The new score is released directly into the public domain, with no copyright or usage restrictions, using the Creative Commons Zero license. Typically, musical scores carry copyrights from both the composer, and more importantly in this case, the engraver.

“We are very happy to support the Open Goldberg Project because we have one essential goal in common: To make universal goods like knowledge, art and music accessible worldwide.”, Gregor von dem Knesebeck, CEO GRIN Publishing.

“Musician’s will enjoy playing Bach’s masterpiece, delivered in the beautiful publishing format from GRIN, without any restrictions on copying or usage of the work. Open culture and crowdfunding can work beautifully with traditional distribution models to deliver better value to customers.”, Robert Douglass, Director, Open Goldberg

GRIN Publishing, based in Munich, Germany, was founded in 1998 as specialist for the publication of academic papers. GRIN.COM is the perfect platform for students, graduates and professors to publish their scientific works and academic essays fast and convenient to a worldwide audience.

Open Goldberg, based in Cologne, Germany, promotes the creation of freely licensed music, art, and software. Open Goldberg recently released a public domain recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations recorded by Kimiko Ishizaka.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Goldberg Variations: MuseScore edition by Werner Schweer

64 Seiten, broschiert

Preis Euro 13,99 (D) / E-Book kostenfrei

ISBN 978-3656230809

GRIN Verlag

Erscheinungstermin: November 2012

Pressekontakt: Christian Senft, GRIN Verlag, E:, M: 0176-48535858