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I want to show you a photograph

on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 23:50

"I want to show you a photograph." 

She got her glasses, sat down next to me.

"This is what great photography looks like."

"Why?" she asked, after a pause.

"Well, look at it. The lonliness. The disconnection. The only connection between them is the unbearable weight they're carrying inside of them."

A longer pause. I continue: "In a moment they'll have disappeared, slipped out of view, into the mist, never to be seen again. This photo, where you see so little, says so much."

"I just can't do that," she said, "seeing such a big story. I see Gorbachev, Carry Grant, and Sherlock Holmes.

YouTube Data API v3 : How to get $DEVELOPER_KEY

on Wed, 12/25/2013 - 22:43

In the PHP example code for Google's YouTube Data API v3 there is a variable that calls for a developer key. Without this key the example code won't work, but getting that key is not obvious due to recent changes in the cloud console interface. Here's how you get it.

First, the name of the key that you're looking for isn't "developer key" anymore, it's an "API key" for "Public Access". This is opposed to the OAuth credentials. If you want to do something that requires authenticated access, you'll need the OAuth credentials. For searching and listing videos, you don't.

In the Google cloud

Kimiko Ishizaka plays Bach at the Manifold Recording Studio

on Thu, 11/28/2013 - 13:17

1. 0:28 Prelude in C-Major BWV 846
2. 2:47 Fugue in C-Major BWV 846
3. 4:38 Prelude in C-Minor BWV 847
4. 6:30 Fugue in C-Minor BWV 847
5. 8:24 Prelude in C#-Major BWV 848
6. 9:37 Fugue in C#-Major BWV 848
7. 12:06 Prelude in C#-Minor BWV 849
8. 15:04 Fugue in C#-Minor BWV 849
9. 17:42 Prelude in D-Major BWV 850
10. 19:16 Fugue in D-Major BWV 850
11. 20:59 Prelude in D-Minor BWV 851
12. 22:34 Fugue in D-Minor BWV 851
13. 24:40 Prelude in Eb-Major BWV 852
14. 28:00 Fugue in Eb-Major BWV 852
15. 29:48 Prelude in Eb-Minor BWV 853
16. 33:47 Fugue in D#-Minor BWV 853
17. 37:33